Cooking is fun - Adventure #13 for children

27.10.2016, 17:00-19:00

Cooking is an artform. Celebrity chefs know well how to bring out heavenly flavours from unlikely ingredients. On the other hand, cooking is also a survival skill, this is why we teach it to our children, as part of the standard upbringing package (say ‘thank you’, wash your hands, make scrambled eggs, etc.) Not everybody understands that cooking can also be FUN. This TEDx Adventure will prove it. Jerzy Śliwa is a food technologist who loves cooking and has worked in several local restaurants as the sous-chef and the chef. He has experience working with children and can prove that cooking is child’s play. We will make cake pops in a group. The children will learn to prepare basic cake dough. Each child will make 2 cake pops, covered in chocolate and ready to eat. Requirements: For children 5-9 yo Children must be able to communicate in English, however no fluency is required Participation is free Remember to register:

Prowadzący: TEDxWrocław

We are a group of people who organize conferences branded by TED in Wrocław. This is a local initiative which allignes with the spirit of our town, the Meeting Place. We are the most international TEDx team in Poland, both our team and our audiences. Our talks are entirely in English to foster communication between different cultures.



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